Monday, April 18, 2011

Gareth Bale, Jack Wilshere PFA winners

Well, let me start by saying this award was always very legit in my eyes, until now. Lets look at the past four winners, rooney, giggs, cristiano twice, all very deserving. Now, lets go straight for last year. Wayne Rooney wins and beats out Fabregas, Drogba and Tevez. Looking at that list and if you all remember the performances of all those players last season, you see why they are on the shortlist. All played wonderfully, and had great seasons. In the end, I personally believe it should have gone to Drogba, who's team won the double, and Drogba was a huge reason why, but I dont disagree at all that Rooney also deserved it. Rooney had probably his most successful year in a man u uniform, or one of them at least, especially considering the departure of Cristiano. My point is that you could make a sound argument for all those, but in the end Rooney did deserve it, but this year the winner goes to Bale. My question is, why?  You look at the short list, which includes Charlie Adam, Scott Parker, Vidic, Tevez, Nasri, how can ANYONE tell me Bale has been more influential to his team than say Adam, or  Tevez. He had a wonderful display in the Champions League, and yes was a big factor for why Tottenham got as far as they did, but the point is that he's been plagued by injury AND he's inconsistent. You look at the numbers, goals- he's got 7 in the PL, that's tied with Pavs for second, behind last minute trade in Van der Vaart, who in my opinion is more deserving of this nomination than Bale. We all knows he's a wonderful player, and im not denying that, but lets just consider the other nominations and more so on the ones that SHOULD have won. There is no true follower of the PL who can argue that Charlie Adam has been the complete driving force behind Blackpool's success in their first season of promotion. He's got 9 goals, and many more assists. But his team is fighting in a relegation battle, even still one of the most consistent players in the PL this season. Tevez, with 19 goals, he's been a powerful presence in a sea of talent at man city. Who would have believed, that the second highest goal scorer at man city would be balotelli with 6. 19-6, nobody can deny the importance of Tevezs goals with those kinds of numbers. And he continues to have a great season, considering he continues to help his team be ABOVE Tottenham(Bale) and if the current standings hold, then they will qualify for Champions leaving out bale's tottenham. I can see Bale beating out nasri, vidic, and even parker, but my only problem is that I am left feeling like he only won because of a hat trick against Inter, but lets get real people, that defense isn't what it used to be (anyone watch the Schalke games?). I hope I am wrong, and do not take this as me disliking bale, because I dont, and I believe he is becoming one of the best, but....come on. 

Jack Wilshere wins the PFA Young Player of the Year. This one I dont really have a problem with, I mean, he's stepped up plently for being so young. Milner won it last season, and we could all see he more than deserved it. Jack has shown me the same, he's been wonderful for Arsenal, and my only argument for this one is the snubbing of chicharito. Like I said, I dont completely disagree with this decision, BUT my heart says chicharito should have won. To me, and everyone else, he's been the most exciting player to watch this season. A complete surprise summer signing by the brilliant Sir Alex, started off scoring goals like crazy. Ever since that MLS all stars game, we all knew, but not to the extent he has unfolded. A fan favorite already, and he plays every game and scores every goal with genuine happiness and joy. Wilshere on the other hand, has a great tendency to loose his temper and make horrible decisions. Also, Chicharito was the winner of this award in my eyes, because he's saved Man U so many times, and has come off the bench to do so. We saw it over and over again this season, champions league and PL, he scored the winners and has done this all in his first season playing English football. So in terms of importance for their teams, I think chicharito clearly wins that battle, especially considering Man u look to have locked up the PL title with the arsenal draw against liverpool, and are still fighting for the champions league. 

Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Devil's Advocate: 8 of 10

The Devil's Advocate was on check this week. My overall rating for the movie was a true 8. nothing more nothing less. This movie had plenty of hype to it, and being an older movie I definitely went into it with high expectations. Well, thankfully I was not disappointed. Al Pacino's role and acting in this movie was great as always. He was born to fill this type of roll and he did it wonderfully. I would even go as far as to say, all the acting in the movie was good. Not only that, but the way the story unfolds throughout the film was great. I didn't expect the ending, and obviously as everyone knows the speech given by Al at that point, was just marvelous. The scenes that followed the speech were a little cheesy and the whole seduction by the half sister was a little much, but that's a small nib in the movie as a whole. My favorite aspect of the movie was the message itself, it had such power behind it. Perhaps it was more meaning for me personally than for people as a whole, but either way, Definitely recommended.

Peace and Love

Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Graduate. 6 of 10

Here is my first movie review, and trust me...many more to come. Last night I saw "The Graduate" for the first time. It was always labeled as an all time classic. I shall make this short and brief, the movie was good. A solid movie with good acting and no real cheesyness to it. The downside, is that is really weird. Like the way everything unfolds towards the end is very strange. I enjoyed the idea and the concept of the movie, but something about the ending didn't sit well with my tastes. Must be said tho, great soundtrack. Stay tuned for more reviews, and as always feel free to comment.

Peace as always

Friday, April 8, 2011


Hello to all,

I have created this blog in response to my inability to publicize on other social networks, my full views of things. I will commentating on all things in all aspects of life, such as, soccer matches to good shopping experiences. Stay tuned. I also encourage all feedback you can give, one of the purposes of this blog is to create discussion and listen to others valuable opinions. 

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