Monday, September 19, 2011

The Hunger Games I,II,III: 6 of 10.

The Hunger Games book trilogy by Suzanne Collins was an interesting one. Let me tell you my thoughts on each individually, but first, the overall score I gave it was a 6, simply because it had some key elements that appeal to my taste. I really enjoyed the suspense and the bits of twists here and there. It gives it a sense of thrilling page turner. Anyway, it also had pretty decent back stories and went through a detailed progression of events rather than just compressing everything into one book. Although, that was also part of its downside.

The Hunger Games Pt. 1-8 of 10. Let me just say for future readers, to me, this was easily the best book. It had an interesting story line, good progression, good characters, suspense, and a little bit of a cliff hanger. Everything indicated that I was in for a good trilogy, and it turned out to be simply decent.

Catching Fire Pt.II- 6 of 10. This book isn't too bad of a follow up, I just personally felt it was a little too over the top. The first one still somehow made things believable but I felt this story kind of started flying away, still not a bad read, and it keeps you reading because just wanna know what happens already.

Mockingjay Pt. III: 4 of 10. I didn't arrange these rating, they just came out evenly haha. Anyway, this book was honestly...hard to finish. Despite me really needed to know what happens, it was just wayy to ridiculous. They threw too many elements out of wack. Now, don't get me wrong, there are a few good elements in this book but the ending for me just lost it a whole point in ratings. It was exactly, what it shouldn't have been. Most of the parts I kinda felt were predictable, not necessarily the bad kind of predictable but a little easy to see coming. The ending itself tho, I did not expect, so if you are still reading, continue..the ending may be your slice of pie.

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