Monday, September 19, 2011

The Hunger Games I,II,III: 6 of 10.

The Hunger Games book trilogy by Suzanne Collins was an interesting one. Let me tell you my thoughts on each individually, but first, the overall score I gave it was a 6, simply because it had some key elements that appeal to my taste. I really enjoyed the suspense and the bits of twists here and there. It gives it a sense of thrilling page turner. Anyway, it also had pretty decent back stories and went through a detailed progression of events rather than just compressing everything into one book. Although, that was also part of its downside.

The Hunger Games Pt. 1-8 of 10. Let me just say for future readers, to me, this was easily the best book. It had an interesting story line, good progression, good characters, suspense, and a little bit of a cliff hanger. Everything indicated that I was in for a good trilogy, and it turned out to be simply decent.

Catching Fire Pt.II- 6 of 10. This book isn't too bad of a follow up, I just personally felt it was a little too over the top. The first one still somehow made things believable but I felt this story kind of started flying away, still not a bad read, and it keeps you reading because just wanna know what happens already.

Mockingjay Pt. III: 4 of 10. I didn't arrange these rating, they just came out evenly haha. Anyway, this book was honestly...hard to finish. Despite me really needed to know what happens, it was just wayy to ridiculous. They threw too many elements out of wack. Now, don't get me wrong, there are a few good elements in this book but the ending for me just lost it a whole point in ratings. It was exactly, what it shouldn't have been. Most of the parts I kinda felt were predictable, not necessarily the bad kind of predictable but a little easy to see coming. The ending itself tho, I did not expect, so if you are still reading, continue..the ending may be your slice of pie.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Mexico v USA reaction

After seeing the game for the second time, I was able to truly gather my opinions and thoughts on many things with both sides. Let me start with usa.
When the game started I was already surprised at the line up. In the defense I didn't expect Castillo to start, but he proved that he isn't really up to par yet. But then again, I cant seem to think of anybody else who has played that position well for united states in recent times. Also, I am continually dissapointed that omar gonzalez doesn't get called up. I know he's been hurt, but for the united states's sake, hopefully he gets called up soon. A great defender, and they need it seeing as how bocanegra is one of the few reliable CB's. In the midfield, beckerman was a surprise, but I didn't think he did so bad as I was expecting. Like most people, I was waiting to see more of brek shea on the national team, given his success at dallas, and it payed off. Overall, first half was horrible, but second half they looked sharper and I think there is a bit of hope for usa fans, but I dont think its worth getting carried away just yet. Klinsman had a decent debut and I think he will do good for usa bringing back some forgotten players and keeping the more-so reliable ones.

Most of all, I was very glad to see Ochoa back at goal, I think he's the best gk in mexico and he is a great leader. On defense, no surprises although not my preferable options. I would put maza with moreno and move marquez to defensive mid instead of castro. But I thought the defense played great, until the second half.  That whole back line contains some of my favorite defensive players, Juarez and Salcido are great attacking options and Moreno is simply brilliance. no surprises with the two defensive mids or wings, but I thought it was incredibly stupid of chepo to start sinha over gio. I know, its in part his tunnelvision, but I just hope it was a nice sending away present from the national team for sinha, because I dont think theres any doubt that gio needs to be in the starting 11. For my sanity's sake, I hope, this fact is as obvious to chepo. The absence of chicharito and de nigris was very important in our attacking options, but I thought peralta did okay. He did great in wrapping around poor bradleys body to score. Early, I thought we could have put the game away, but as the second half went on, I thought we came out pretty lucky to not loose that game. Glad to see arellano come on, he showed great potential for national team. Paul aguilar, clearly needs to stop getting called up. He's just such a downgrade to the defense. I think as the qualifications for world cup start coming around, there is much to look forward to with mexico. This starting 11, subbing sinha for gio and peralta for chicharito is the ideal line up and I think if that's the way chepo goes, then this team will start looking like a verryyyy powerful team.

Fixes to the USA
omar gonzalez next to bocanegra and find a decent leftback. Keep bradley further back so he can distribute the ball, rather than attack at goal. Dempsey needs to come back, and keep beckerman. Work Brek Shea into starting 11, and find a new forward to play while agudelo continues to develop into usa's main attacker.

Fixes to MX
As I said before, maza replacing marquez, and marquez replacing castro. Keep marquez and torrado at defensive mids, but we need to bring in jona dos santos for some work ins at that position. Bring back gio and chicharito into starting 11. Find better subs to keep on the bench for fullbacks, loose paul aguilar. Bring back vela. Arellano deserves more looks as does reyna.

Monday, August 1, 2011


Let the Right One In: 8 of 10. 
This movie is about the most horror type movie ill ever review, simply because I am not a fan of horror movies. Once you see this, you'll probably realize it wouldn't even get classified as a horror. In any case, I thought this movie was great. It has an interesting story line, and the acting wasn't bad either. I heard they had an american version to this movie, but I didn't see it. Anyway, its a little weird at times, and the movie does have a few holes in the story, but overall definitely recommended watch. Cant guarantee you'll like this one, but its good. 

Harry Potter and the deathly hallows pt. 2: 9 of 10. 
For me this was NOT the best harry potter, that award would go to the 4th. But I gave this one a 9 because I felt that even people who aren't fans of the books or the other movies, would probably enjoy this one. I thought the movie was great, and finally they had some good action scenes and people dying. Let me just ruin one thing for people who haven't seen it, and that's the epilogue was just horrible. I mean I understand them not getting new actors, and Im glad they included it in the movie, but it was pretty bad. Other than that, I recommend this to everyone, even if you were never a fan of these movies, I think you may enjoy this one. 

Monday, July 11, 2011

Good show and an Ashton Kutcher movie

Modern Family: 10 of 10. I would like to change it up, and offer you my insight on a tv show I recently started watching, modern family. At first, when it came out, my brother came to me and told me he thought it was hilarious. At the end of the first season, he insisted I see the first episode so I did. I didn't think it was that great. It wasn't until recently when my sister was watching and insisted I sit down and watch that I really began to appreciate. I have just finished the first season, and couldn't be happier. Its a well written show with hilarious characters. For me, it made me think about peoples families and how it would be like to see my friends as they begin to start their own families. hilarious stuff. So if you watched and weren't interested, I would really recommend you take a second look into this one.

A Lot Like Love: 7 of 10.
This is usually the type of movie that would get a rating around the 2 to 3 region, but for some reason I actually kind of enjoyed it. Dont get me wrong, I think Ashton Kutcher is a pretty bad actor, but I honestly enjoyed it. I thought he was good in this one. I mean...he was great as kelso, and in some other movies. But my point is, he wasn't that bad in this one. Anyway, I enjoyed the story. I kind of guessed the ending, but I was actually surprised by a few things. Maybe it just seemed like a more real story for some reason. I know it's kind of a crazy idea, but for some reason this movie seemed pretty real to me and I was able to connect with it in some pretty hilarious ways. Cant say if i'd recommend it or not, but take it as you will.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Oldies but goodies

Movie review time is back,

Being John Malkovich: 9 of 10. Super interesting film. I agree with everything the critics said about it, how it was a very interesting and original concept. There were some cheesy moments but I really enjoyed the film overall. It was surprisingly funny and still managed to keep it semi-serious side to it. It had a good cast with good acting. I did feel like it was a bit weird, even still tho I never started hoping it would end or thinking anything negative. A definite recommendation, especially because its on netflix, so go check it out.

Beauty and the Beast: 8 of 10. This is a semi-joke of a review, because I really have trouble saying anything serious about this movie. I hadn't seen this movie until about two weeks ago, and I really thought it was pretty good. I mean, it doesn't compare to say...Lion King, but then again, I haven't seen many vaulted Disney movies, so its hard to compare to anything else. Overall, I enjoyed the characters in the movie more than anything else, plus it had some nice messages to offer. Enjoyable, not crazy about this movie, but def. go watch it if you haven't.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

Hello yum yums, its been too long. As some of you may not know I have been away on business but I am back now and ready to post like crazy seeing as how its summer, and there's nothing better than all the transfer speculation and gossip coming out of the uk. In any case, let me get back into it with a few quick movie reviews:

The Hangover Pt. II: 6 of 10
-I suppose it would be helpful to include what I thought about the first one. I really enjoyed the first hangover, it was funny, good to see with a big group and overall a memorable film. The second installment well...I cant speak so highly of but it wasn't as bad as it could have been. I thought the movie had very funny moments, but overall it was just too desperate and over the top. I guess I was going in with high expectations and that probably was my mistake, but either way, its funny but wait till it comes out on dvd.

Pirates of the Carribean 4: 5 of 10.
-Now, this may seem low or maybe not for those of you who saw the movie, but let me just say, I enjoyed the first two pirates, the third was okay, and this one was just well...not that good. It wasn't horrible, i guess that's because I really enjoy pirate movies, but as a movie it just dives into the story w/o giving us any development with the characters or the story line. That was my main problem with it, and I saw it in 3-D, and let me just say...3-D movies are HORRIBLE. I dont understand how anyone actually enjoys watching movies in 3-D. In any case, here's another that I would recommend if your a fan of the series, but wait till the dvd.

Kickass: 8 of 10
-I actually cant write anything here, because I really cant tell anyone why I enjoyed this movie. It does everything that I dislike to happen in a movie. Prime example was the ending...extremely over the top and ridiculous. But somehow, I really enjoyed it. While watching I was enjoyed, I never really got bored during the movie, and overall i'd say its a must watch. So, check it out biatches.

i like small forks over big forks.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Gareth Bale, Jack Wilshere PFA winners

Well, let me start by saying this award was always very legit in my eyes, until now. Lets look at the past four winners, rooney, giggs, cristiano twice, all very deserving. Now, lets go straight for last year. Wayne Rooney wins and beats out Fabregas, Drogba and Tevez. Looking at that list and if you all remember the performances of all those players last season, you see why they are on the shortlist. All played wonderfully, and had great seasons. In the end, I personally believe it should have gone to Drogba, who's team won the double, and Drogba was a huge reason why, but I dont disagree at all that Rooney also deserved it. Rooney had probably his most successful year in a man u uniform, or one of them at least, especially considering the departure of Cristiano. My point is that you could make a sound argument for all those, but in the end Rooney did deserve it, but this year the winner goes to Bale. My question is, why?  You look at the short list, which includes Charlie Adam, Scott Parker, Vidic, Tevez, Nasri, how can ANYONE tell me Bale has been more influential to his team than say Adam, or  Tevez. He had a wonderful display in the Champions League, and yes was a big factor for why Tottenham got as far as they did, but the point is that he's been plagued by injury AND he's inconsistent. You look at the numbers, goals- he's got 7 in the PL, that's tied with Pavs for second, behind last minute trade in Van der Vaart, who in my opinion is more deserving of this nomination than Bale. We all knows he's a wonderful player, and im not denying that, but lets just consider the other nominations and more so on the ones that SHOULD have won. There is no true follower of the PL who can argue that Charlie Adam has been the complete driving force behind Blackpool's success in their first season of promotion. He's got 9 goals, and many more assists. But his team is fighting in a relegation battle, even still one of the most consistent players in the PL this season. Tevez, with 19 goals, he's been a powerful presence in a sea of talent at man city. Who would have believed, that the second highest goal scorer at man city would be balotelli with 6. 19-6, nobody can deny the importance of Tevezs goals with those kinds of numbers. And he continues to have a great season, considering he continues to help his team be ABOVE Tottenham(Bale) and if the current standings hold, then they will qualify for Champions leaving out bale's tottenham. I can see Bale beating out nasri, vidic, and even parker, but my only problem is that I am left feeling like he only won because of a hat trick against Inter, but lets get real people, that defense isn't what it used to be (anyone watch the Schalke games?). I hope I am wrong, and do not take this as me disliking bale, because I dont, and I believe he is becoming one of the best, but....come on. 

Jack Wilshere wins the PFA Young Player of the Year. This one I dont really have a problem with, I mean, he's stepped up plently for being so young. Milner won it last season, and we could all see he more than deserved it. Jack has shown me the same, he's been wonderful for Arsenal, and my only argument for this one is the snubbing of chicharito. Like I said, I dont completely disagree with this decision, BUT my heart says chicharito should have won. To me, and everyone else, he's been the most exciting player to watch this season. A complete surprise summer signing by the brilliant Sir Alex, started off scoring goals like crazy. Ever since that MLS all stars game, we all knew, but not to the extent he has unfolded. A fan favorite already, and he plays every game and scores every goal with genuine happiness and joy. Wilshere on the other hand, has a great tendency to loose his temper and make horrible decisions. Also, Chicharito was the winner of this award in my eyes, because he's saved Man U so many times, and has come off the bench to do so. We saw it over and over again this season, champions league and PL, he scored the winners and has done this all in his first season playing English football. So in terms of importance for their teams, I think chicharito clearly wins that battle, especially considering Man u look to have locked up the PL title with the arsenal draw against liverpool, and are still fighting for the champions league.