Friday, August 12, 2011

Mexico v USA reaction

After seeing the game for the second time, I was able to truly gather my opinions and thoughts on many things with both sides. Let me start with usa.
When the game started I was already surprised at the line up. In the defense I didn't expect Castillo to start, but he proved that he isn't really up to par yet. But then again, I cant seem to think of anybody else who has played that position well for united states in recent times. Also, I am continually dissapointed that omar gonzalez doesn't get called up. I know he's been hurt, but for the united states's sake, hopefully he gets called up soon. A great defender, and they need it seeing as how bocanegra is one of the few reliable CB's. In the midfield, beckerman was a surprise, but I didn't think he did so bad as I was expecting. Like most people, I was waiting to see more of brek shea on the national team, given his success at dallas, and it payed off. Overall, first half was horrible, but second half they looked sharper and I think there is a bit of hope for usa fans, but I dont think its worth getting carried away just yet. Klinsman had a decent debut and I think he will do good for usa bringing back some forgotten players and keeping the more-so reliable ones.

Most of all, I was very glad to see Ochoa back at goal, I think he's the best gk in mexico and he is a great leader. On defense, no surprises although not my preferable options. I would put maza with moreno and move marquez to defensive mid instead of castro. But I thought the defense played great, until the second half.  That whole back line contains some of my favorite defensive players, Juarez and Salcido are great attacking options and Moreno is simply brilliance. no surprises with the two defensive mids or wings, but I thought it was incredibly stupid of chepo to start sinha over gio. I know, its in part his tunnelvision, but I just hope it was a nice sending away present from the national team for sinha, because I dont think theres any doubt that gio needs to be in the starting 11. For my sanity's sake, I hope, this fact is as obvious to chepo. The absence of chicharito and de nigris was very important in our attacking options, but I thought peralta did okay. He did great in wrapping around poor bradleys body to score. Early, I thought we could have put the game away, but as the second half went on, I thought we came out pretty lucky to not loose that game. Glad to see arellano come on, he showed great potential for national team. Paul aguilar, clearly needs to stop getting called up. He's just such a downgrade to the defense. I think as the qualifications for world cup start coming around, there is much to look forward to with mexico. This starting 11, subbing sinha for gio and peralta for chicharito is the ideal line up and I think if that's the way chepo goes, then this team will start looking like a verryyyy powerful team.

Fixes to the USA
omar gonzalez next to bocanegra and find a decent leftback. Keep bradley further back so he can distribute the ball, rather than attack at goal. Dempsey needs to come back, and keep beckerman. Work Brek Shea into starting 11, and find a new forward to play while agudelo continues to develop into usa's main attacker.

Fixes to MX
As I said before, maza replacing marquez, and marquez replacing castro. Keep marquez and torrado at defensive mids, but we need to bring in jona dos santos for some work ins at that position. Bring back gio and chicharito into starting 11. Find better subs to keep on the bench for fullbacks, loose paul aguilar. Bring back vela. Arellano deserves more looks as does reyna.

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