Monday, July 11, 2011

Good show and an Ashton Kutcher movie

Modern Family: 10 of 10. I would like to change it up, and offer you my insight on a tv show I recently started watching, modern family. At first, when it came out, my brother came to me and told me he thought it was hilarious. At the end of the first season, he insisted I see the first episode so I did. I didn't think it was that great. It wasn't until recently when my sister was watching and insisted I sit down and watch that I really began to appreciate. I have just finished the first season, and couldn't be happier. Its a well written show with hilarious characters. For me, it made me think about peoples families and how it would be like to see my friends as they begin to start their own families. hilarious stuff. So if you watched and weren't interested, I would really recommend you take a second look into this one.

A Lot Like Love: 7 of 10.
This is usually the type of movie that would get a rating around the 2 to 3 region, but for some reason I actually kind of enjoyed it. Dont get me wrong, I think Ashton Kutcher is a pretty bad actor, but I honestly enjoyed it. I thought he was good in this one. I mean...he was great as kelso, and in some other movies. But my point is, he wasn't that bad in this one. Anyway, I enjoyed the story. I kind of guessed the ending, but I was actually surprised by a few things. Maybe it just seemed like a more real story for some reason. I know it's kind of a crazy idea, but for some reason this movie seemed pretty real to me and I was able to connect with it in some pretty hilarious ways. Cant say if i'd recommend it or not, but take it as you will.

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